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Pulyurethane Insulation
Pulyurethane Insulation
Pulyurethane Insulation
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Polyurethane is a silencer insulation that we find around us which is generally used to reduce the temperature of an object or room. This material has been widely used and developed by several industries in Indonesia such as the construction industry, the refrigeration industry, warehousing industry with stable temperature storage also used as partition walls, concrete deck coatings, pipe line insulation tank coatings, room condensor coatings, cold storage , deep wallcoverings and many others.

This polyurethane made from liquid is used by spraying it on the surface that wants to be coated with polyurethane spray, after spraying in a few seconds the liquid will expand and dry. the spray bubble will adhere tightly to the spray surface, and the result is a part that can reduce heat, sound dampening, buffering leaks.

we are developers in the field of heat insulation with several types of quality products, one of which is polyurethane foam sheet and polyurethane spray which is developed and used in several industries in Jabodetabek.

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