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Bearing pad Karet Bantalan Jembatan
Bearing pad Karet Bantalan Jembatan
Bearing pad Karet Bantalan Jembatan
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10 Feb 2020
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Specification of

Elastomer Bearing Pad or Bridge Bearing

Bearing function or Bridge Bearing in a broader language is the foundation or bearings of a part of the bridge that is used to transfer stress from the top structure to the bottom structure that can provide movement to the top of the bridge structure. Bearings also function to accommodate Translational and Rotational movements.

Bearing pad is made of material that is hard enough that has 555 duro hardness. For bearing pads with thickness> 1 ", use lamination between steel plates and rubber. Required aging test of rubber material according to ASTM 573, where stretching to break up 50%, change in tensile strength max 15%, hardness max 10 HS. The polymer material in the rubber mixture must not exceed 60% of the total Elastomer volume.

 Therefore this product is a special material for bearings in bridge construction developed by contractors in Greater Jakarta and Indonesia

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