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Plastik Engineering Nylon PP PE PTFE
Plastik Engineering Nylon PP PE PTFE
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Sell Plastik Engineering Nylon PP PE PTFE

Specification of Plastik Engineering Nylon PP PE PTFE

Plastic is one of the most common materials we see and use. Plastic materials gradually began to replace glass, wood and metal. This is because plastic has several advantages, namely: lightweight, strong and easily formed, rust resistant and resistant to chemicals, has high electrical insulation properties, can be made colored or transparent and has lower processing costs. But once the use of plastic is also limited because of its low strength, can not stand the heat easily damaged at low temperatures. The diversity of types of plastic provides many choices in their use and how to manufacture them

Nylon is a type of plastic that has excellent wear resistance and high tensile strength. Cast nylon also has high impact resistance, high heat distortion, resistance to abrasion and vibration.

We are a Supplier of Industrial Plastic Materials or Plastic Engineering that are widely used in the industrial world as raw materials or finished materials to users. the types of Plastic Engineering that we have are PE, PP, PTFE, Nylon Cast and Rod types. Acrylic and other polycarbonate.

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