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Impraboard Sheet
Impraboard Sheet
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06 Feb 2020
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The corrugated sheet material itself turned out to have different types based on the basic materials used such as paper and plastic. In general, cardboard material may be very familiar and often we hear in everyday life. However, what about plastic-based corrugated sheets? Corrugated plastic sheets are formed from polypropylene or PP resin material that is processed by extruding.

Historically, the existence of corrugated plastic in Indonesia has existed from around the 80s. Internationally, the most popular naming of corrugated plastic is the PP Flute Board (polypropylene board). PP Plastic However, this material is uniquely known by most Indonesians with an impraboard which is actually an impraboard, which is a trademark of one of the first corrugated plastic brands in Indonesia.

We are a supplier of impraboard and other promotional material suppliers with various thicknesses and sizes to suit your needs. Impraboard can be used in various fields from Industry, Advertising, Packaging, Construction, Plantation, Furniture Accessories, industry to manufacture promotion boards, product display stands, like impraboard, and other products related to impraboard materials.

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