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Rubber Sheet NBR
Rubber Sheet NBR
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29 Oct 2019
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NBR, tarpaulin nitrile rubber specially formulated to prevent oil attacks. Which means the mechanical properties remain intact even in direct contact with oil and fat.

Nitrile rubber sheets have more resistance in direct contact in the oil, hydrocarbon, kerosene and high temperature industries. Nitrile rubber sheets are used also in the sealing process, food processing industry, health industry. In the nitrile rubber sheet electrical industry it is used as an oil or dielectric transformer in electrical installations and equipment.


Oil resistance is very good

Good mechanical properties, especially tensile strength, flexibility, compression resistance and impermeability to gas

Able to be used in temperatures between -20 degrees Celsius to above 120 degrees Celsius

Has good adhesion to metals

Having resistance to chemical elements and inorganic chemical products, hydrocarbons except antioxidant and chlorine agents. Not recommended for use with polar liquids such as ketones, ethers, amines and resistance to be limited to aromatic hydrocarbons.


Industrial maintenance

Electric transformer

Food and health processing industry



XNBR, for industries that use fat ingredients with high levels of abrasion.

HNBR, for industries that use fat and oil ingredients in high temperatures.

Rubber Roll Rubber Sheet

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