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nylon rod and sheet
nylon rod and sheet
nylon rod and sheet
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Specification of

NYLON Material (Polyamide), NYLON ABS material itself has the following material specifications:

· Tensile Strength700 - 850 kgf / cm²

· Tensile Elongation 200 - 300%

· Izot impact Strength 3.3 - 5.4 kgf / cm²

· Rockwell hardenessR119

Products that use this material are usually used for accessories or covers on the machine. This nylon material itself has more melting power than other materials, so that in automotive production, especially automotive motorcycles, more products use nylon material as a substitute for plates. Aside from the aspect of material efficiency, it also has a higher safety aspect compared to plate material. Nylon material when exposed to heat will absorb some of the heat so that the heat discharged is not the same as the heat released by the engine. That is why the use of nylon polymer type materials we encounter in many new engine output engines.

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