PVC Curtain Ware House Industry

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Specification of PVC Curtain Ware House Industry

Food, Beverage and Consumption industries generally have quality standards in producing goods that will be distributed to their consumers, the standards used in general are the standard of taste, content and cleanliness of the consumption they produce.

PVC Curtain Curtain is a pvc-based material with a physical form that is flexible and semi-transparent. Very suitable for use as a room partition, because it helps in maintaining a certain room temperature. PVC blinds are also used to keep dust and insects away from indoor manufacturing facilities. Its rigid and crack-resistant physical properties allow it to be used as a door in areas with high pedestrian / forklift traffic.

We as a Distributor of PVC Curtain Curtain accept orders from Complete PVC Strip Doors, along with hangers and rails. Just provide us the required door size and we will quote the price of the finished unit, including installation if needed. Our PVC curtain products are available in various levels and colors. Brighter colors (such as yellow or orange) are used as an insect repellent, to keep insects away from making facies doors.
General Characteristics:
- Semi-transparent and flexible form
- Rigid and rigid physical strength
- Isolating indoor manufacturing fascia from external environmental conditions

PVC curtain products are very useful in the ware house, food, beverage and other industries.
We always provide quality products to meet the needs of your industry. with appropriate product standards and good quality.

the advantages of our PVC Curtain products:
- High flexibility and transparency
- The most versatile material
- Will not discolor in the sun
- Formulated for normal applications such as indoor / outdoor partitions

Available in the following widths and thicknesses
(x2mm x200mm) (200mm x3mm)
(X2mm x300mm) (300mm x3mm)
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