PVC Foam Board Digital Printing

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Specification of PVC Foam Board Digital Printing

PVC Foam Board is cheap

PVC Foam Board cheap The TV rack is a solid sheet-shaped material with the main physical characteristics of both hard but smooth and smooth surfaces of milky white. Available in thickness ranging from 1 mm to 20 mm, length and width of the size of plywood. Lightweight but has good flexural strength, is waterproof, non-weathered, and very easy to work, making it the main alternative product of wood sheet replacement.

Use of PVC Foam Board

1. The toilet partition, resistant to water

2. Furniture, especially furniture, sink rack, pantry rack, kitchen set, lawn chair

3. Block semi-permanent, for exhibition of building materials,

4. Interior and outdoor decoration,

such as logo making, cutting, mosque decoration, mall decoration, billboard, sign board

5. Formwork, foundry can be used tens-hundreds of times.

6. Wedding party, especially wedding both outdoor, photo both

7. Outdoor ceiling or bathroom ceiling

8. Interior of luxury ships, yachts

9. Wall panel

10.The replacement of plastic marble

11.Bob food,

12.Our garden ornament ornaments pond

13.Near exhibit

14. Warehouse walls

15.Miniatur exhibit

16.Maket dkv / mock house

17.Painting in the bathroom

18. Laboratory table

19. Say wood replacement pallets

20.Ornament boutiques

21. The door frames of the house

22. stage stage stage

23. Wall coverings that can muffle the sound,

24. Wall cover moist or nyesit

25.Backwall vertical garden

26. Para-The walls of a balcony or building

27.Close rolling dor

28. Standee POP

29. The letters arise

30 3D Profile

31 Box and shelf diplay

32. Clinic walk, car shop

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