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PVC Foamboard
PVC Foamboard
PVC Foamboard
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Sell PVC Foamboard

Specification of PVC Foamboard

Solid PVC shaped foam that has white physical characteristics with both hard but smooth and flat surfaces in all fields, the main alternative products are acrylic sheets, plywood (multiplex), wood, MDF, etc.

PVC Foam Board, which includes:

    Lightweight (easy in workmanship, transportation and storage)
    Can muffle sound
    Waterproof, temperature and weather
    Resistant to a mixture of chemicals
    Termites and bacteria
    Not broken / weathered / and rusty
    Products that are environmentally friendly (do not cause inhalable & recyclable powder)

PVC foamboard targets are Advertising, Polyfoam, Decoration, Furniture, Automotive Bodywork, etc.

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