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PVC Foamboard
PVC Foamboard
PVC Foamboard
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27 Mar 2020
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Specification of

PVC Foamboard in the form of a solid sheet that has white physical characteristics with both hard but smooth and flat surfaces in all fields, the main alternative product is to replace acrylic sheets, plywood (multiplex), wood, MDF, etc. because the PVC Foamboard is very similar to sheets which have dimensions of 122x244cm with a thickness of 1mm to 20mm, easy to shape and print on a cutting machine.

PVC Foam Board has advantages including:

   Light (easy to work, transport and store)

   Can muffle the sound

   Water, temperature and weather resistance

   Resistant to chemical mixtures

   Termite and bacterial

   Not broken / weathered / and rusty

   Environmentally friendly products (does not cause inhalable & recyclable powder)

PVC foamboard users are generally companies engaged in the promotion of Advertising and packaging, Furniture, Decoration, Display Rack Manufacturing, Automotive Body, Display Stand, Back drop and Event Organizer. we have many in the case of large companies to become a vendor to supply this material throughout Indonesia. please contact us for order and further information

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