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Rubber Fender Cell
Rubber Fender Cell
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Specification of Rubber Fender Cell

Rubber Fender Cell is a rubber bearing for the dock as a tool to lean the ship on the dock, this rubber is strong against shocks so that the ship can lean and not worry Damaged due to friction on the dock. This rubber has very good durability so that it can withstand large pressure loads from the impact of a leaning ship

Rubber padded piers have many types of shapes between rubber cell fenders which have a low reaction force but have good resistance from shocks or collisions of ships that lean against these fenders are widely used in several docks in Indonesia. then other types of fenders or dock pads are type V rubber fenders, type M rubber fenders, and Cylindrical rubber fenders

Trimitra Jaya Mandiri is a manufacturer or manufacturer of a variety of Rubber Fender docks or rubber pads with various types and sizes that have been recognized in the product quality of several users throughout the Indonesian docks to find out more information and see Other Rubber Products please visit the Office or phone on contact listed.

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