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Rubber Sheet
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Specification of Rubber Sheet

Rubber Sheet Rubber Roll is a rubber-shaped sheet with different uses according to type and durability, one of them is neoprene rubber, NBR rubber, SBR rubber, Viton rubber, and Silicon, generally used for base mat in the construction industry, electrical, and other industries as a base to avoid excessive slip and vibration. so that the state of matter in construction or industry remains stable in its position

Other uses of sheet rubber are as a semi-finished material which is managed to become a rubber carpet with a texture that is widely used in apartments, places of worship, offices, and factories. Other uses of sheet paper are very diverse to the development of the rubber industry sector itself into rubber pads, rubber lists and other printed rubber.

sheet rubber generally has a width of 100cm to 120 cm with a length of up to 50 meters and 3mm to 50mm thick. with different types and functions.

we are a developer of the rubber industry which is believed by many developers of several tenders in Indonesia. with quality and competitive prices make us a reference of the rubber industry in Indonesia.

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