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Rubber Pad Rubber Flooring
Rubber Pad Rubber Flooring
Rubber Pad Rubber Flooring
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10 Feb 2020
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Rubber Pad or Rubber Floor with Motifs Lines and Coins Useful to avoid slippage and dampen vibrations on the base of both the vehicle base or footwear, usually Rubber Flooring is used in Parking Services, Ramps or Derivatives, farm land, Factories, Apartments, Home Interiors, Floors Ablution and application in other places that include wet conditions so as to avoid slippage.

generally this rubber floor has a thickness of 2-50mm dimensions Length 100 / 120cm with a width of 10-20 meters.

We have a variety of Rubber Flooring Janis for Home Interior, Places of Worship, Factory Floor, Hallway Floor, Hospital Floor and others

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