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Rubber Elastomer Bearing Pad
Rubber Elastomer Bearing Pad
Rubber Elastomer Bearing Pad
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Specification of Rubber Elastomer Bearing Pad

Elastomer bearing pad (Elastomeric rubber bearing pad) - Is a Bridge Rubber Bearing useful as a Damper in bridge construction.

Rubber bearing pad is used as a damper to prevent shocks, pressure, and sliding in the construction of roads, bridges and buildings earthquake resistant.

The material we use is a standard material that is used by many contractors in Indonesia with a quality rubber material composition that can dampen vibrations properly and does not cause damage to the bridge

We produce bridge rubber bearings in various sizes and specifications in accordance with the Request Project with the standards and quality that we guarantee.

Our rubber bearings have been used in many bridges and infrastructure projects in Indonesia, one of which is a project that is spread on the islands of Java and Sumatra.

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