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Wheel Stopper Parking Stopper
Wheel Stopper Parking Stopper
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29 Oct 2019
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Wheel Stopper Wheel Stopper

Trimitra Jaya Teknik supplies various types of safety equipment, such as wheel stopper, rubber corner guard, and We Are Engaged In Fender Rubber Manufacturing, Rubber Bumper, Material Advertising, Road Safety Equipment Agent (Road Barrier | Traffic Barrier, Safety Cone | Traffic Cone, Convex Mirror | Safety Mirror | Road Mirror, Glass Road Stud | Solar Road Stud | Nail Marka Road, Rubber Stick Cone | Roadblock | Parking Limit | Traffic Delineator Post, Corner Guards, Rubber Speed ​​Bump, Vehicle Stopper |


- Wheel Stopper Safety Car Tires or commonly also called Stopper Parking. Parking Stopper - Rubber Wheel Stopper is used for vehicle parking signs, has a function as a vehicle tire barrier when parking, this parking stopper is made of solid rubber material in order to remain safe to use for vehicles and have good durability.

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