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White Paper Board (Foamboard)
White Paper Board (Foamboard)
White Paper Board (Foamboard)
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Specification of White Paper Board (Foamboard)

White paper board or Foamboard is a material for making sticker stands, human stands and promotion stands that are widely used by promotional and advertising companies, by attaching stickers on Foamboard to be mounted on promotional tripods, promotion stands, and other promotions. foamboard types can be divided from dimensions which generally use 100x200Cm and 122x244Cm with thicknesses of 3mm, 5mm, 10mm. depending on consumer needs and usage.

Foam board can be used for a longer period than polyfoam because the material used is stronger and more sticky if it is attached to a sticker on its part. Foamboard is widely used in the promotional industry, events, marketing, advertising, and other printing industries.

Trimitra Jaya Mandiri is an Importer of Promotional materials that are in the form of sheets and we have been trusted by printing companies and advertising companies in large areas in Indonesia, besides that we have other materials such as Acrylic, Polyfoam, PVC Foamboard, Styrofoam and Other Materials.

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